A Simple Definition of Sports

Sports is often defined as an athletic action that entails a certain level of physical activity, including soccer or volleyball. Many other forms of competitive athletics and some recreational games are also considered sports. An individual who plays sports is sometimes known as a athlete. Numerous individuals even play sports with other individuals, often organized sports teams.

Among the most common types of sports are running, weightlifting, tennis, field hockey, soccer, track and field racing. As you can see, almost every other physical activity is included in the sports category. Sports are particularly important to children, since they need superior motor skills to excel at the game.

The common definition of a sport is “a form of competitive athletic contact” – which is often considered a skill. Another definition is “any physical activity done for the purpose of raising or participating in the sport of gymnastics.” A sport can also be defined by the NCAA as “a recognized athletic program maintained and supervised by a university or college”. These two examples define sports on a very broad level. However, there are many more specific sports that fit into the category of “sport”.

Tennis is a good example of a sport. Tennis is an Olympic sport, but it is also considered a recreational or team-based athletic activity. The object of playing tennis is to hit a ball across the court using both the racket and the physical strength of the body.

Another type of popular sport is swimming. Swimming is a great example of a gentle physical activity, because most swimmers do not use tremendous amounts of strength or exertion. However, most swimmers do use considerable amounts of mental exertion, as they swim the distance from start to finish without stopping. As swimming is a leisurely sport, many swimmers use speed and power, especially when racing. In this instance, speed and power do not translate as physical exertion, and thus are not considered by the NCAA as measures of a players ability.

Although the above definition of sports may seem broad, it can help any individual decide if a particular sport fits the particular definition of that sport. It is important to remember, too, that sport can be defined differently by different people. Therefore, the above definition of athletic activity may not necessarily apply to someone else, who may consider a particular sport to be more intense. To determine what sports someone wants to engage in, it may be necessary to look at the sport in a different light.