Exciting News Regarding the MOTOCA GTO Series

MOTOGP, or Motor sport racing of Thailand is a motor sport event that has been organized and developed in response to the need for a motor sport event in Thailand that could generate revenue. Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of motor street racing events held on open roads officially sanctioned by the Thai Royal Championship. However, Thailand is not alone when it comes to the production of high quality, low priced motorcycle racing events. Road bikers from across Asia regularly race their motorcycles in the countries like Australia, India, Malaysia, China, and even in the United States. What has brought about this increased interest in international touring motorbikes?

First, it is obvious that the need for a professional, well-organized, and competitive racing series that could attract a large audience interested in watching and participating came first. For decades, a variety of different motor sports events have been held in Thailand, but motocross, four-stroke engines, and motocross dirt racing have always been the most popular. And, of course, the benefits of having a low-cost, high spectacle event made these options a feasible choice. Motogp, or MOTOGP as it is also known, was the logical next step for the growth of these other sports events. This new championship not only offered the same great features of the other three mentioned championships, it also added another important feature: a wide selection of exotic and high-priced motorcycles.

As motocross has grown in popularity, more people have become interested in participating in the sport. As a result, many cities around the globe now boast a significant motocross scene. But, it was not until the year 2021 that the first ever MOTOGP tournament took place. Since then, MOTOGP has steadily grown into a premier championship with a huge following throughout the globe.

The most recent MOTOGP championship was held last year in Portugal, and the results showed a drastic increase in interest from teams and riders from across the globe. This year’s championship however, saw an increase in the amount of international participation, and the rules were even adjusted to allow for bikes from other countries. It’s clear that there is a strong possibility that MOTOGP may soon challenge the dominance of the US and European based super bike racing championship. In addition to this, it is looking like the motocross events in Asia could soon gain steam. With the growing popularity of Supercross, it has only been a matter of time before a Japanese manufacturer steps in to the international arena.

One aspect of MOTOGP that needs to be mentioned is that the top bikes in the class are usually those that do not appear in the grand prix classes. The first two classes, the Street S and the Track Assault, see many of the same names compete. However, when you take out the superbikes, you have a few heavy weight bikes locked in as the favorites. There is no doubt though, that the increased presence of non superbikes in these classes will lead to more exciting races, with more chances for big wins. Furthermore, having a class with more than one winner makes for a more interesting MOTOGP season. Every now and then you get to see a different team or rider win a superbike race, and this can only provide further incentive to continue tuning into the races.

There was also some news surrounding the new series of World Cup events being developed by Monster Yamaha. With the current grid of four, it looks like Misano may end up bumping into its big brother Aprilia in the near future. Aprilia is currently second in the standings, and has a much larger advantage over its Japanese rival. With Honda’s retirement, Yamaha are without a top bike in this series. However, with KTM already confirming that they will field a bike in the WEC in 2021, it seems that this could be the break they were looking for to put their worries to rest.