History of the MOTOGP and What is It All About?

Motorcycle Motocross is the most popular category of motor motorcycle road racing event held in tracks officially sanctioned by the FÉdÉration Internationale de Motocrosse. In general, the term “motocross” refers to any kind of racing where bikes are raced over flat, open terrain. The word “motorcycle” refers to any sort of bike used for motocross racing. Road racing motorcycle racers generally use a bike with between one and four wheels, although some grand tour bikes may have only one wheel.

The major classes are amateur class, intermediate class, professional class and super-national. The top professional bikes are ridden by riders with experience in motocross racing but many do not. Super national level super bikes are built to be the fastest available at the time of the MOT testing events. They must be designed to ride at a higher level than regular motorcycles and because they are raced against another super bike, their speed and agility are paramount to winning. For this reason, they are often customized to have a large amount of down force to help them travel at a greater speed over short distances.

There are two major championships in the world of motocross. The annual Motocross des Nations (MOTOCRAD) is held in the northern region of France. The other is the European Motocross Championship (EMC). Both have the ambition of winning the ultimate title in the world.

Many amateur riders participate in the MOTOCRAD. These are known as amateur class races in Europe. However, in Japan, there is also a separate category known as the Supercross Championship. The same goes for the America’s Tour of Texas (ATX).

One of the most famous racing activities in Italy is the Motocross Grand Prix. It has been around for decades and is held annually in Milan. The first ever MOT GP was held in 1977 and saw Italian champion Mario Bellotti wins his first and only world title. Another Pole was beaten by Bellotti in the second race and the rest has been history ever since.

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