Introduction to Sports


Introduction to Sports

Sports is a must for good health and helps to reduce several diseases including heart attacks, cancer, depression and stress, and other kinds of mental illnesses. Different kinds of sports aid body in various manners. For kids, playing sports provides an essential role in their healthy growth by giving them all round development, emotionally, physically and mentally. For older people, playing sports provides an opportunity to de-stress and relax after a tough day’s work.

One of the most common activities involving physical skill or motion is swimming. People can enjoy this activity by swimming at indoor pools or beaches. Swimming is an enjoyable activity that can be learnt by children as children learn to breathe properly underwater and also master the use of the hands and arms. At early stages of life, swimmers may not get used to breathing underwater and hence drown. Swimming is an activity where body gets the right kind of workout and benefits greatly by allowing oxygen rich blood to flow in. Injuries due to water skiing, diving and surfing are very rare and should not be treated lightly.

Another popular activity is tennis. This game is also known as tennis, racquetball, or baseball. Many schools, colleges and universities provide tennis courts, gym facilities and offer sports programs for physical fitness. The sport of tennis requires strength, agility, flexibility and endurance and is a competitive sport.

Darts is a popular sport, which is played with a dart thrower. It is a competitive sport in which players try to hit a dart on a moving platform at greater speeds than the other players. The dart requires physical exertion and requires a lot of skill. Due to its high level of physical exertion, a number of players choose to play darts professionally. There are two major championships in which players compete and win money and prizes.

One of the most interesting sports to watch on TV today is fox soccer. This sport is based upon kicking a ball using a paddle and unlike many other sports, soccer requires great physical strength and technique. Michael Brown, the former University of Michigan football star has been chosen to represent England in the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament. This is the first time that an English player will be chosen to represent the country.

Finally, one must discuss about the definition of sport. The meaning of sport can be different in different contexts. In the context of professional sports, sport is defined as “the ability to engage in an activity with recognized rules and regulations regarding how it is conducted and its outcome.” The Olympic Sports can be considered as the framework of sport since the Olympic committee has formulated various rules and guidelines to govern the games. Professional wrestling matches, motor biking events, and mountain climbing are also good examples of sports.